Meeting : October 30, 2019

The October meeting of the Walk Bike Council of Addison County was held on October 30th, 2019 at the Middlebury Police station.


  • Middlebury Downtown Master Plan listening session (Jen Murray, Middlebury's Director of Planning & Zoning)
    Planapalooza is happening November 7 - 11th.
    • What are priority areas for improved safety?
    • What routes do people frequently travel in Downtown, and what are the missing linkages (x to x) ?
    • What ideas do people have for improving connectivity?

  • Bike Parking Location and Type Policy (Laura)

  • Advisory Shoulders & Shoulder Striping updates (Doug)

  • Triangle Loop status update

  • Walk/Bike Summit & Motherload movie (Mike, Tim, others)

  • Accountability of drivers who hit cyclists (Tim)
    A big topic....  ...I wonder if we could be doing more to advise our state representatives about this. Wondering how others feel about this issue.

(Notes from the: August meeting, June meeting, April meeting, March meeting)


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Attendance: Adam, Michelle, Larry, Tim, Amy, Jennifer Murray, Erik, Nate, Tricia, Laura, Doug, Mary, Bethany, Mike.  Chaired by Adam. Notes by Nate.


Middlebury Downtown Master Plan (Jennifer Murray)

  • Week-long Planapolooza at 51 Main - Bundle
  • Focus group sessions, including Friday, Nov. 8 10:30-11:30 Multimodal transportation focus group
  • Thursday 6pm opening presentation at town offices
  • Monday Nov. 11 at 6pm - Town Hall Theater - closing session
  • Schedule available online here & main site here
  • “On the table” meetings - set up your own impromptu ones
  • Asking this group for input
  • What is the purpose of the master plan? — set up project list with priorities so we have opportunities after bridge project is done; including site-specific plans for Weybridge street & Bakery Lane Municipal sites
  • Building a draft plan, more future input, and then eventually putting into town plan
  • (This in turn will help when requesting grants that support that plan)
  • Discussion of ‘downtown’ and what’s included
  • Safety discussion - noting a number of problem areas and features in detail - shoulder, grates, parked cars, pedestrian crossings, lighting, details near new train station
  • Traffic circles (rotary) - additional areas where they may be of use? (Value of pedestrian islands - noted challenge of crossing Route 7 where there are no islands and there may be three lanes to cross)
  • Corridors - residential, school, north side of town from high school; route 7; 
  • Upcoming paving project on Route 7 - input opportunity?
  • ‘Walk in our shoes’ - previous demonstration of mobility challenges, and need to design for access to all
  • Pedestrian areas in town
  • Parking - hot topic with discussion of more handicapped parking, and parking garage in Bakery Lane area


Bike Parking (Laura)

  • Rack inventory done; new racks coming - U-loop style recommendation with consistency of style and color (upon consulting with this guide)
  • Locations - close to entrances, sheltered when possible (like at Porter Hospital) (Essentials of bike parking)
  • Six U-loop racks as part of bridge project; Hannaford Career Center to build two ‘Quebec-loop’ racks
  • Other towns may want to bring to their communities for discussion


Advisory Shoulders & Striping (Doug)

  • Lincoln advisory shoulders experiment - community response? - not much reported
  • Placement specific to traffic needs of a destination (library)
  • Discussion of other sections of road of interest (ala Pine St. in Bristol, Lower Foote St. in Midd)
  • Lincoln example if raising discussion elsewhere (Addison Independent article from Sept 12, 2019)
  • Wider lane on uphill of River Road (approaching Rt. 7) - from collaborative work with New Haven during paving project
  • Discussion of narrower lanes painted recently and proper measurement protocol
  • Following standards of lane widths etc. is important for towns to minimize liability


Triangle Loop Status (Mike)

  • Steering committee meeting this Friday (Nov. 1st) - survey results discussion
  • Add webpage link to Walk-Bike for project


Walk-Bike Summit Status (May 8th) - (Mike & Bethany)

  • Committee meetings
  • Call for proposals - early December
    • Submit proposals - call to action
  • Sponsorships soon - Adam Lougee
    • Soliciting sponsorships
  • Marketing - Laura
    • Tag line for the summit (ex. ‘Health’, ‘bridging’, ‘community’)  - call to action
    • Swag thoughts  - call to action
    • Bike Parking - location (Bethany working on this with THT staff)
  • Parking outside town - Bethany
  • Local Motion - Allegra - bike valet parking in town
  • ‘Designing for Healthy Communities’ - keynote approximate
  • Dave Cohen of V-Bike would like to introduce “Motherload” movie - there was support expressed
  • More planning around “Motherload” movie is in progress


Accountability for drivers (Tim)

  • Tim referenced an article that he may locate later
  • Reason we are here - following on numerous accidents
  • Laws not adequate for cyclist rights; ask government to keep drivers accountable?
  • Existing law - ‘vulnerable users’ - 4 feet and slowing
  • Discussion with Local Motion
  • Law enforcement representation in group might be useful
  • Recent ordinance updates
  • Fines card - list of fines for different infractions (ex. Distracted driving)
  • Outreach - 
  • Effect of how articles are written - ex. “Car hit pedestrian” (driver is not mentioned)
  • Cyclist behavior - also needs to be discussed and good behavior encouraged
  • Idaho stop discussion in communities


Next Meeting - Scheduling

January - Doodle poll coming


Notetaker for next meeting - Mary

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