Culture Shift & Marketing

Culture Shift & Marketing

  • ISSUE:  While walking and biking for everyday transportation are regular activities for a substantial number of Addison County residents and visitors, there does not yet exist consensus across the County that walking and biking are legitimate uses of public roads.
  • GOALTo build community acceptance of and respect for everyday walking and biking.  The Council is working to prompt a culture shift among Addison County residents towards mutual respect and trust among all users of Addison County’s roads; acceptance of walking and biking as normal, everyday activities; and a fundamental concern for safety, particularly with regard to road users who are disproportionately likely to be hurt or killed in a crash.

Projects & Updates

Vermont Walk-Bike Summit 2018

On May 4th several members of the Walk-Bike Council of Addison County headed to White River Junction for the 2018 edition of the Vermont Walk-Bike Summit. Claire Tebbs, Bethany Yon, Adam Franco, and Mary Yates presented a three-part session in the "Safe and Healthy Communities" track on the formation of the Walk-Bike Council as well as the successes achieved in the Council's short lifetime.

Bethany Yon

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