Vergennes Sidewalk Inventory

The Planning Commission in Vergennes completed an inventory of sidewalks on city-owned streets in the summer of 2017. We learned of their good work when we visited a Vergennes City Council meeting, and and we wanted to share it widely so that other communities can be inspired. Their final report makes recommendations to improve walkability and connectivity in Vergennes.

The project was initiated by the Planning Commission, but student volunteers from Vergennes Union High School conducted some of the assessments.  “The work was definitely a group effort,” says Planning Commission Chair Shannon Haggett. 

Report documents are below, including a list of the areas surveyed, the survey instructions and forms, and the recommendations which were presented to the City Council. The Planning Commission also developed an interactive Google Map to illustrate their findings.


Have you done something to increase opportunities and awareness for safe walking and bicycling in your Addison County community? Please let us know!

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