Meeting Notes - October 29th, 2018

The October meeting of the Walk Bike Council of Addison County was held on October 29th, 2018 at the ACRPC. See below for full notes.


MTG MINUTES 10/29/18


NEXT MTG – DEC 10th 5:15


Present: Doug McKain, Adam Franco, Mary Yates, Bethany Yon, Carrie MacFarlane, Larry Buck, Claire Tebbs, Eric Remsen, Nate Burt, Laura Asermily

Doug, Larry and Adam F. went to Road Foreman mtg – Rd Foreman meet regularly from towns across Addison County

  • Mtg covered ROW boundaries, salt sales, some skepticism of non-car modes of road use, and others very responsive, goal was to make connections and relationships with Road Foreman across County to understand how biking striping and maintenance can be integrated
  • W/B passed out no-cost and low-cost things road crews can do for safer cycling
  • Doug found a road patch in Salisbury where he was cycling and sent a thank you
  • Adam F asked Foremen if they are willing to receive feedback about road issues
  • Laura asked if they had grievances about cyclist – yes, some did


  • Adam, Larry and Doug to follow up with Rd Foreman group for best way for continued connection
  • Beth – Following up with Allegra at Local Motion on survey contacts/format of that contact list
  • Doug – send nudge email to Claire about walk-bike town contacts to find walk-bike residents to buddy up with

Doug briefed group on MPG application for Triangle Loop Master Plan

  • Timeline MPG application/Oct 1st now waiting to see if we receive grant – end of Nov/early Dec
  • ACRPC would act as project coordinator, RFP process and Consultant selection (with Advisory Committee)

Adam Franco briefed group on Addison County Bike Club (ACBC)

  • ACBC is looking to connect East Midd/TAM/Rt 125 and invite Adam F. and Claire T. to their Nov 13th mtg
  • Laura asked if they talk about Creek Road as a connection – explained the conversation regarding Creek Road as a potential Class 4 road as a recreational path, or Class 3 where Midd would be responsible
  • Eric asked about the overlap of TAM (non-bike) and North Country trail which he thought was also only hiking
  • Claire and Adam happy to ask more question of ACBC


  • Adam and Claire will attend Nov 13th mtg and report out to group at next mtg


Claire – New ACRPC Transportation Planner – Mike Winslow from Vergennes

  • Mike starts on Nov 26th, 2018 and is happy to be a new liaison and contact for walk-bike council


  • Claire introduce Mike at DEC. mtg. (unless available for Nov. 10th mtg)

Road Input from Infrastructure Group – Retrofit Successes and Opportunities

  • Adam F. Route 17 (from Rt 7 to Rt116) reported on striping changes that will be happening to this route – travel lanes will be 11 feet (a change from 12 feet or more) with wider shoulders. Working with VHB project engineer


  • Adam Franco following up with Adam Lougee on these projects and timing of collaboration/participation

Carrie reported out regarding Vergennes Truck Bypass Study Mtg

Contentious meeting facilitated by consultant - Vergennes and New Haven residents attended


  • Carrie to follow up by providing Adam Lougee with feedback regarding how the consultant facilitated the mtg

Bethany V. reporting of 2020 Walk-Bike Summit

  • Update on 2020 walk-bike summit, council has 4 volunteers who want to be on the committee and others, not completed list yet:
  • Eric, Laura, Bud, Bethany, Other members will include: Local Motion, Megan Regoni, ACRPC planners, Jon Kaplan, Midd Town
  • Claire reported last week she and Adam had a conf. call with Jon Kaplan, Sommer Bosco (VTRANS) and Rita Seto of Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (previous RPC hosts)
  • Bethany and Claire agreed next steps were to mesh brains and then schedule a full-committee kick off mtg


  • Claire/ACRPC and Bethany/Health Dept. will meet to download info. to each other and determine Committee Members – meet this Nov.
  • Claire and Bethany to nail down first brainstorming meeting date – send doodle poll this Nov. for a Dec mtg

Middlebury College Survey

  • Bethany updated on survey process this past survey




Citizen and School Engagement Group

-Laura reported out on International Walk-Bike – Midd, Bristol and Vergennes are all vibrant and participating, Bristol contacting ACRPC for lawn signs

-addressing destructiveness and texting in the Addy Indy/Front Porch Forum/and sent to the campus

-Laura presented at Midd Health and Safety Committee and they are doing email blast regarding rules of the road and being safe

- Laura had idea of doing ‘lock and learn’ event but needs students to publicize

-does our committee want to take on education workshops around the county

-would like to appeal for funding to offer biz with U bike racks at key centers

-covered bike center now at Porter hospital near dog park and café and ACTR bus parking

Mary Yates reports great success at Bristol walk and bike to school and has new BES VP partner for Safe Routes and together did ‘walking school bus’, Way To Go/Local Motion also ‘sponsoring’ this – provided reflective stickers and website recognition/signed up with Way To Go and getting points/prizes



  • Reported out on RISE VT, Michele Butler is the new Addison Co. contact and may have mini grants to connect to walk/bike needs


had questions about Exchange Street and group wanted an update on this sidewalk/rec path construction


  • Adam F. to follow up with Adam Lougee on Exchange Street Progress and Construction Schedule

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